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Send me “Don’t chase the rabbit” and your muse will be shown a random memory from my muse’s past.


Character A and Character B are in an accident together (car accident, bus crash, natural disaster, etc.) and end up sharing a hospital room. Character A is in much better shape than Character B, so by the time Character A is ready to go home, Character B is getting prepped for an operation, but the whole time they’ve been there no one has visited. Character A asks if Character B has any friends or family that’s coming to visit, but Character B says no. It becomes apparent that Character B is getting very scared about the operation (either it’s their first or it’s major or they are just always nervous about medical procedures). Character A eventually asks if Character B wants them to stay, and — unexpectedly — Character B says yes.

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Your muse breaks into my muses room, what do they find?


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Adivina qué edad tenía mi musa cuando perdió la virginidad.


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A bit of an older track :) hope ya like it if you havnt heard it yet

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