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Title: Pit Of Vipers
Artist: Simon Curtis
Album: RA
Played: 144 times

Now, I must admit that I have played a part
In the way that things have gotten out of hand
But it’s {e s c a l a t e d} almost to an art.
I want to fix it, but I don’t think I can.

I’m falling deep into a pit of
Sliding over me, over me and I can’t break free.
[S]ecrets run deep when you’re in a pit of vipers
Slithering, whispering; feel the v e n o m 
poιѕoɴιɴɢ me.

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Sentence Meme: The Avengers


  • That guy’s brain is a bag full of cats. You can smell crazy on him.
  • He’s adopted.
  • What’s the matter, scared of a little lightning?
  • There are no men like me.
  • Apparently I’m volatile, self-obsessed, and don’t play well with others.
  • Love is for children.
  • I’m Russian… or was.
  • I’ll have that drink now.
  • Please tell me nobody kissed me.
  • I understood that reference.
  • Ask for her number, you moron.
  • Stop lying to me!
  • I’m sorry. That was mean.
  • Now might be a good time for you to get angry.
  • Is everything a joke to you?
  • I hit you really hard in the head.
  • I thought we were having a moment.
  • Are you nuts?
  • I don’t always get what I want.

Send my muse a text that wasn’t meant for them.



If my muse doesn’t know how to respond, post it anyway. It means you won.

Am I the only one, when roleplaying, that has this slight paranoia thinking that the person might not like roleplaying with me or might be annoyed with me



In the spirit of Munday, when you add in “ッ” the muse will have to answer your questions about the mun, ask anything you want~

Outlast Inspired Sentence Starters

"I want to kill them."
"There's my darling!"
"I won't give up on you, I know you're worth it!"
"You're going to make me work for it, aren't you - you little minx!"
"Come on man, get in! I've seen what they're capable of!"
"Heavier than you look... A little cardio wouldn't kill 'ya."
"He looks... nervous."
"I want you to have my baby!"
"We give him a running start?"
"You don't have to run from me, I only want to love you."
"I want his tongue... And liver."
"You want to shut him up?"
"You don't have to be alone anymore."
"Cowards and idiots, all of you."
"How ain't you dead yet?"
"Did I frighten you? I'm awfully sorry, I didn't mean to."
"Somebody's been telling stories outside of class..."
"Darling, let's not be ridiculous... Just come out and let's talk about it."
"You don't have to hide from me, I only want to help."
"This-! Is why-! We can't have-! Nice things!"
"Nobody loves you, nobody! You die alone, you shit!"
"*muffled screaming*"
"You weren't putting that tongue to any use anyway."
"Tell him he's got fifteen seconds to keep his job."
"Fuck me, they're bringing him in."
"Goddamn it, what else could go wrong?"
"Don't expect anything but honestly in my review of your performance."
"We could have been... beautiful..."
"Love is hard sometimes."
"Forgive me darling!"
"Don't leave me! I can't be alone!"

For all my roleplay partners:


  Never hold your muse back.

For real. If your muse wants to lash out at mine, or kiss mine, or tell mine a horrible secret, or slam mine against a wall — go for it. Don’t ever feel like I’ll get your reply and judge you or your muse. Your character has specific feelings, instincts, and desires, and if they want to do something, don’t hold them back. I want to roleplay with your muse in their entirety, the whole truth of your character, not a watered-down version. Never feel nervous — just let it happen as it happens, and it’ll all be great.

// Keeping this in mind this doesn’t mean my muse will respond any certain way either.

Send me “How’d you get this?” For my muses reaction to yours tracing one of their scars and asking how they got it.

Anonymously tell me how you feel about me. I can’t reply, I just have to read it and post it.