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Send me “Librarian!” + a number and I’ll grab the closest book, flip to that page number, and make us a starter using a random line of text from said page!



Character development time! Give me some interesting questions about my character and I will answer.

ooc: les aviso que hoy en la noche no voy a estar por que me voy para morelos a ver a unos familiares, posiblemente entre mañana en la mañana y en la noche aparte de que hare lo que sera, o lo mas estupido o lo mas valiente que he hecho en mi vida… vere Kill La Kill alla.. por que lo digo? simple, no les gusta que vea anime, asi que lo veo en el segundo piso, ahora.. que ira a pasar si me cachan viendolo alla? no se, pero los mantendre informados.

Send me a @ and I'll generate an au from this list and make a starter

1: Coffee Shop!AU

2: Actor!AU

3: High School!AU

4: Hitchhiker Ride!AU

5: 50’s!AU

6: Library!AU

7: (Disney movie of choice)!AU

8: Circus!AU


10: Fantasy!AU

11: Serial Killer vs. Detective!AU

12: Not Dead!AU
 (someone else was dead but isn't)
13: Dead/Ghost!AU (someone’s dead.)

14: Military!AU

15: Mermaid!AU

16: Airplane!AU

17: Roleswap!AU
18: Mindswap!AU

19: Psycho!AU

20: Game Show!AU

21: Summer Camp!AU

22: Private Detective!AU

23: Broadway!AU

24: Ice Skating!AU

25: Modeling!AU

26: Amusement Park!AU

27: Road Trip!AU

28: Vampire!AU

29: Angels and Demons!AU

30: Daycare!AU

31: Pokemon!AU

32: Rock Band!AU

33: Marching Band!AU (because yolo)

34: Ballet!AU

35: Demigod!AU

36: Preppy and Punk!AU

37: Disneyworld Cosplayers!AU

38: Dogs!AU (idc if they’re dogs or they have dogs or w/e)

39: (Dystopian World of your Choice)!AU

40: Hogwarts!AU

41: Superhero!AU

42: Dragon!AU

43: Pirate!AU

44: Ghost Hunter!AU

45: Mafia!AU

46: Kingdom!AU

47: Crossdressing!AU

48: Assassin!AU

49: Genderbending!AU

50: Wedding!AU
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[ PSA; ]

I would never ask you to read/watch the entire canon of my character just so you can interact with me. About pages are there to provide basic information that is quick and easy to access. Hopefully, they will contain enough background information so that you will be able to interact confidently enough with at least a basic understanding of who my character is.

If my about page is not providing sufficient enough information, then take the matter to me. It is okay to ask for clarification or for any additional information. I am not a mind reader, I do not know what you do and do not know.

It is my duty to provide you with the facts should the need arise. Of course, this means facts within reason ( if there is no specified birthdate in the canon, for example, it would be difficult to give a roleplayer to give canonical data on that matter if asked for ).

Just remember: There is no shame in not knowing. And there is definitely no shame in asking someone about a certain fact or whatever. 

If they make you feel bad for not knowing — shame on them.

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ooc: A editar la Masterlist… dejara de ser una tag (?) y sera una masterlist hecha y derecha con sus linkcitos y todo cuco! he dicho!, asi que… retorno…

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ooc: Por fin, ya tengo una referencia coherente de todas las niñas que están en este blog! En este orden:

  1. Aquila con su Anima activo: Note se el hecho e que las alas y la cola son mas grandes de lo mostrado, esto es para mostrar el colorido.
  2. Aquila como grifo: Esta forma esta disponible para cualquier AU.
  3. Maria Hellhound.
  4. Chat Nekoyashiki: Chat prácticamente no tiene busto, termine usando este Dollmaker dado que no encontré uno que tuviese el tipo de cuerpo que le puse al personaje.
  5. Ines Acosta.
  6. Ramia Requenes: Si las dos ultimas tienen el pelo teñido o decolorado.
  7. Y una buena referencia de Yoru como Gato.

send me an ✘ and i’ll put my music on shuffle, get the song, and post my favorite line as a starter.

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